I Cried

I have been doing a lot of crying lately. America is a mess. Black people are being slaughtered even in open carry states. Black lives matter is a movement that is mostly positive, mostly non-violent.

Unfortunately, last night a protest turned violent and 12 officers were shot in Dallas, TX

I cried for Alton Sterling’s son. The video is so moving. It will make you weep. His son has since been hospitalized for a breakdown. That 15 year old will never see his father again. I ache for him.


I cried for Philando Castile. He did not deserve to die either.

Those police officers did not deserve to get shot. I cried for them too. Only a small number of officers are guilty of these murders. We can’t declare war on cops. They are too vital to our existence.

We must find another way.

I hope to not have to cry again today for some senseless violence or loss of life. When did life become so meaningless to us? Everyone is precious to someone as Alton Sterling’s son shows us. Remember that.

Please, I don’t want to cry anymore.



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